11 November 2013

Nelson Movements...

Grayson Ottaway sent in this interesting snippet...

The first plane flight between Wellington and Nelson was made on this day, the 11th of November 1921.
The flight was organised by Thomas Newman, who ran the local coach and service-car company.

The plane was an Avro 504 – a converted First World War aircraft which had flown from Wellington and had landed in Marsden’s paddock at Stoke. Brightwater had been the intended destination, but the plane ran low on fuel.

If my counting is right, today Air NZ makes thirteen flights each weekday between the two cities.

Some 92 years later Warwick Young captured another Nelson visitor on 9 November 2013 which had come a little bit further... German registered Piper Pa30-160 Twin Comanche D-GPEZ departed Peterborough in the UK around 31 March. For more on its visit see http://mrcaviation.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/piper-pa30-twin-comanche-d-gpez.html


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