08 December 2013

Air New Zealand Airbuses

Runway 29 was in use at Christchurch yesterday, the 7th of December... It was a nice day for plane spotting at Christchurch enabling me to capture 4 of the current 5 Air New Zealand Airbus 320 schemes...

ZK-OJD in real Air New Zealand colours
ZK-OJH in the Star Alliance scheme
ZK-OJR in the Crazy about Rugby scheme
ZK-OXA, in the transitional black scheme, minus the silver fern


  1. Methinks I was flying OJH that day Steve - in from Coolangatta. I seem to remember a cameraman at the fence as we turned off!

  2. It was great 29 was in use! It is depressingly difficult to get ground shots at CHC these days