02 May 2014

Okiwi Opened

After a protracted battle to develop Great Barrier Islands northern airfield at Okiwi the newly sealed runway was officially opened today...

Kevin Burke from the Barrier Bulletin captured these great photos of aircraft movements

Taken on 1 May 2014, Great Barrier Airlines' BN Trislander came and checked out the new runway.

The first commercial flight this morning was Great Barrier Airlines' Piper Pa31 Navajo ZK-NSN.
Also at the opening from the Great Barrier Airline stable has BN Trislander while Partenavia ZK-PLA was there this afternoon doing touch and goes

Fly My Sky brought the whole fleet over for the opening with BN Islanders ZK-PIY, ZK-PIZ and ZK-SFK

On the private front Tecnam P92 Echo Super ZK-CDL,
Socata TB20 Trinidad ZK-JFC
and Cessna 206 ZK-NOC were all in attendance
Some 200 people gathered for the opening.
From the Great Barrier Airlines' website seats are now available for flights between Auckland and Okiwi.

For more on the development of air services to Great Barrier Island see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2011/06/air-services-to-great-barrier-airline.html


  1. Perfect for a DC3. Do we know how long it Is?

  2. 760m or so, 10m wide. Very soft grass either side of runway

  3. agree . about flying a DC 3 to the Barrier,great thought . could a commercial service work ?

  4. Commuter service, no. Tourist maybe. Working with local GBI operators. e.g. fly tourists into Okiwi. They spend the day touring island by bus, lunch etc. Pick up from Claris & return Ak. Fullers did similar years back. Roads are better now.