12 August 2014

Where on earth is Vincent's VAB?

On the 14th of July 2014 Vincent Aviation's Beech 1900D VH-VAQ (ex ZK-VAB/2) was placed back on the New Zealand aircraft register as ZK-VAB!

Like some others I have been wondering what is happening to it and I speculated it might turn up for a Masterton-Auckland service. This morning, however, I received the following email from Tom Vincent...

As you wrote on 3rdlevelnz, UE-302 has recently been re-registered ZK-VAB. 

Vincent Aviation is using it on a contract for a large Asian corporation with an oil and gas platform off the West Coast of Myanmar. We fly a single route of just over 200NM carrying a mix of passengers and freight. I have attached a couple of photos of -VAB operating out of the town we fly to (Kyaukpyu, VYKP) as well as some other pics taken in Myanmar.

Great work with the blog, I'm an avid reader especially when I'm over here in Asia so I can see what I'm missing back home!

A couple of shots of ZK-VAB on departure from Kyaukpyu on 7 August 2014

And VAB arriving at Kyaukpyu on 7 August 2014
And just where is Kyaukpyu??? 212 nautical miles (392 km) north west of Yangon which, when I was a kid, was called Rangoon.
Suburban Yangon (Rangoon) from Vincent Aviation's ZK-VAB
Kyaukpyu airport terminal from ZK-VAB

Thanks for these Tom!

There will be some more interesting photos from Tom tomorrow.


  1. Interesting that it doesn't seem to be displaying ZK registration.

    1. The registration is displayed on the lower fuselage behind the wing, similar to Eagle's 1900s.

  2. Whats the go with ECO? Is this still flying in NZ? have been trying to get a pic of it in Christchurch since it arrived in the country with Air National, and although it has been to Christchurch several times, I have never managed to catch it. :( I live in hope.

    1. ECO is undergoing maintenance in Wellington at the moment, hopefully back in the air shortly.

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