05 September 2014

Do you know what these are???

My visit to Perth's Jandakot Airport on Wednesday threw up a number of new types for me... So many do you recognise... Answers at the bottom of this post...

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3... this should be an easier one!
Number 4... it looks like a cross between an Airtourer and a Tomahawk
Number 5
Number 6

1. Vertical Aviation Hummingbird 260 VH-MPB. The Hummingbird is a development of the certified Sikorsky S-52 that first flew in 1947, adapted to kit form. The aircraft features a single main rotor, a four seat enclosed cabin, quadracycle landing gear 

2. Grob 115C VH-BGQ. The Grob G 115 is a German advanced general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, primarily used for flight training. The China Southern West Australian Flying College has a fleet of these training pilots for China Southern.

3. Czech Sport Aircraft Pipersport VH-EZT. It was the "Pipersport" titling that made me doubt what this was. The CZAW SportCruiser is a two seat, single engine, tricycle undercarriage, fixed-wing aircraft that was introduced in 2006. In NZ ZK-SXY is an example. In January 2010, the SportCruiser was added to the Piper Aircraft line as the PiperSport under a licencing agreement with Czech Sport Aircraft. This arrangement was terminated one year later in January 2011. 

4. Whitney Boomerang VH-KMB. The Whitney Boomerang was designed by C.W. "Bill" Whitney as a replacement for the aging two-seat training aircraft fleets. The type certificate was granted on the 18th of December 2007.

5. Aquila Aviation AT01 VH-OIS - The Aquila AT01 is a two seat reinforced plastic light aircraft produced in Germany from 2002. It remains in production in 2010.

6. Embraer Phenom 100s VH-LWZ and VH-FJP. The Embraer Phenom 100 is a Brazilian very light jet.These two are operated by China Southern West Australian Flying College.

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