07 October 2014

Getting close to being airborne again...

For the past few months Air Chathams' Convair 580 ZK-CIB has been in the hangar for its annuals and 375 hour check. While in maintenance CIB has been having a major phase check on its landing gear and tail. This week the fin has been put back on and the fin will follow. Air Chathams' maintenance team have also been doing a rebuild on the right hand engine, a new power section and a couple other things. This time of year has is a quiet time for Air Chathams allowing the engineers to get all the major work done without messing up the schedule. In the meantime Convair 580 ZK-CIF has been running the Chathams schedule

Working continuing on Air Chathams' Convair ZK-CIB. Photo taken at Auckland on 7 October 2014. Photo : C Taylor

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