03 May 2015

Flying Air Chathams

A BIG thanks to Liam Fullerton for sending through the photos and his commentary of his Air Chathams flight from Whakatane to Auckland on Saturday 2 May 2015 in Fairchild Metroliner III... Liam writes...

Thought you might be interested in a few shots I managed to grab whilst flying Air Chathams Flight CV803 from Whakatane to Auckland this morning.

As with previous flights, Air Chats exceeded my expectations in the level of professionalism and the way customers are treated. I knew I had WAY over 23kg of baggage, so I had expected to pay a heap in Excess baggage fees. $7 in excess baggage was all it cost! :) The flight took off 5 Mins early and we landed in Auckland 10 minutes early. 12 passengers including myself on board the Metroliner, alleviating any fears I had about the service not being a flyer. $89 two days before departure is absolutely nothing to scoff at, I have paid upwards of $200 in the past on Eagle. 

Good Luck to Air Chathams in Whakatane. Really hoping it will be a successful little run.


  1. Nice photos mate did you see a fella wave at you as you flew over Pukehina..??!! was I duck shooting with dad!! That distinctive hum brought back many memories as a kid when Eagle air flew those along with its EMB110's use to scream over head!!
    Believe that the 580 had some issues that morning..??? not because of loadings..??
    What 580s are being used on the route??

  2. CIE is currently scheduled during the weeks peak traffic with the Metro doing lower traffic and weekends.
    Thanks for flying a
    Air Chathams.

  3. If I were a betting man, you may have the occasional Convair in the first few months but it will soon be just the Metro operating this service. You don't stay in business as long as Craig has by taking losses.

    1. I concur.

    2. Strange and out of place commentary. My experience of Air Chats has been that they are willing to move the aircraft round to meet the demand and schedule needs. These guys run a good airline and don't have a track record of price gouging - I wish them and Whakatane people every success with the new partnership.