18 August 2015

NZTG on the 17th of August

A classic Cessna 180, ZK-BVV
One of two desperation shots... Cessna 172 ZK-DEX on its way home - full zoom and cropped
With one load of passengers dropped Cessna ZK-DPM taxis from the pump to get some more to dump
Sunair Cessna 172 ZK-DPN
The first of three Vans RV-7As, ZK-JLT
What is happening to Cessna 425 ZK-LHL???
A blue Q300 day,,, ZK-NEE (above) and ZK-NEF (below)

Second desperation shot... Dyn'Aero MCR ULC ZK-ORR out while another aircraft was put in the hangae
Like ZK-DPM above Europa Aviation Inc Europa Tri Gear ZK-POG wears Buzzard Airlines titles
And the other two Vans RV-7As... ZK-POM and ZK-RFX

CTC Aviation's Diamond DA20 ZK-SFD on a touch and go

Yak 52 ZK-YAC getting some TLC

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