29 April 2016

Air Chathams looks at Whakatane-Wellington

As Air New Zealand cuts four flights linking Rotorua with Wellington, Air Chathams continues to do its “homework” on introducing flights between Whakatane and the capital. Air Chathams general manager Duane Emeny said the company was continuing to investigate the possibility of flying a metroliner between Whakatane and Wellington. “We are looking into it at the moment and making sure were going to have enough support and there is enough demand there for the service. “It takes a bit of time, we have to go back and look at how Air New Zealand operated it when they flew in there and the kind of yields they required for those flights. “There’s a fair bit of homework that needs to be done but we’re doing that at the moment.” In the meantime the company has bought a second Metroliner as a back-up to the existing 18-seater on the Whakatane-Auckland route. The former aero medical plane is undergoing a refit, including a paint strip and repaint in the Air Chathams colours of white and green. Mr Emeny said the new plane would enable the company to do more charter work out of Whakatane and, in medium-longer term, could be used to fly Eastern Bay passengers to the capital. 

Source : Whakatane Beacon, 12 April 2016

Meanwhile the "new" Metroliner's registration has been changed from ZK-NSS to ZK-CID


  1. lol! how long before it ends up like the previous CID........

  2. I would absolutely use a WLG-WHK service. My parents live half way between Whakatane and Tauranga, but I always try to support Whakatane more, as it is a GREAT service Air Chathams provide. Booking a trip in advance costs around $130 from IVC to AKL via CHC or WLG, and then about $120 on Air Chats to fly to WHK. I have never had a problem transferring from Air NZ to Air Chathams or vice versa. Air Chats even held a flight nearly 15mins for me once after a late running Air NZ flight.

    If Air Chathams flew to Whakatane direct from Wellington, it would mean I could catch a direct flight with Air NZ which is cheaper, and then fly onwards to the Bay.

    Fingers crossed this goes ahead! All the best!