21 August 2016

Checking out the Whanganui Saab

Thanks to Lawrence who has sent in this report of his travels on Air Chathams' new Whanganui service... He flew down and back on the morning of the 18th of August...

How could one resist not to fly on such a gorgeous winter's day with a full moon imminent???

A flight to Whanganui in Air Chatham's new service a treat for a mid winter escape.

The flight Captained by Air Chatham's owner Craig Emeny was anticipated to be an enjoyable experience and this flyer was not disappointed.

The flight, still operated by Kiwi Regional Airlines departing the busy Auckland International Airport on schedule.

The central North Island putting on a spectacular scenic splendor with few low morning clouds uninhibiting vista views of the landscape.

The cabin service provided by the very charming Eve enhanced to the already superb service for the 50 minute flight.

Craig Emeny pleased with his new aircraft and service to another regional community.

The return flight equally as a rewarding as the outward journey.  

The Air Chathams team once again to be commended for bringing service to another community.

1 comment:

  1. Love it :)

    Always had a massive amount of respect for Chatham's operations; and now to be able to bridge the gap left by ANZ is really great. I just hope that the saabs don't replace the convairs :)