19 October 2016

Ardmore News

Thanks to MRC Aviation who has sent me this update from Ardmore. He writes..

Hi Steve

I'll leave for you to blog - you've been slack since you got home!! This was outside the maintenance hangar at Ardmore just a short time ago. Interestingly they're obviously revising their livery.

BN Islander ZK-EVO at Ardmore on 19 October 2016
EVO last year at Auckland on 10 August 2015
A comparison of what the colour scheme was... ZK-SFK at Auckland on 26 October 2015

The FlyStark Airvan seems to fly most evenings from/to Ardmore. Not sure if they have a regular run somewhere or what the story is. They also have two large, brand new passenger vans that spend time at Ardmore.

Sunair have ZK-DHN parked at Ardmore while ZK-CBZ was there yesterday as well.

Flight Hauraki seem to keep there Cessna fleet busy however no sign of ZK-JGA flying.


  1. Seen the airvan at KK earlier on in the week

  2. New Paint Scheme?!?!

    1. Logo on the fuselage... Titles on the tail... reverse of the other aircraft