11 November 2016

On the way home

A quick trip to Gisborne before hitting the road home on 9 November 2016 netted Piper PA28 Cherokee 140 ZK-CIV... I had never photographed it before.

This is only the second aircraft I have photographed at Opotiki... Hughes 500D ZK-HBA

Operated by White Island Flights, Eastbay Aviation's Cessna 182 ZK-OFC at Whakatane on 9 November 2016

Air Chathams Fairchild Metroliner III ZK-CID was departing Whakatane for Auckland.


  1. Looks quite an empty plane if the windows are anything to go by...

  2. Looks are deceptive... it was a reasonable load... 2/3 full