21 December 2016

EHS goes to new operator

Cessna 402 ZK-EHS was brought into New Zealand for Air Central... It is seen here with Air Central at Napier in November 1977...
...over Hawkes Bay on 30 June 1979...

and at New Plymouth on 30 November 1979.
EHS was then used by Eagle Air as seen here at Palmerston North on  18 May 1984
I next photographed EHS at Napier on 20 February 1985
Jensen Air introduced a non-scheduled service between Auckland and Tauranga in 1986. EHS is seen with Jensen Air titles at Tauranga on 1 September 1987
Later it was used by Pacifica Air. Photograph taken at Nelson in April 1988

The last airline operation it was used on with Sunair. Photographed at Tauranga on 30 December 1989

It was looking rather derelict at Ardmore on 1 October 2012

ZK-EHS now flies with Gardens Air in a play centre in South Auckland training a new generation of airline pilots.

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  1. What a fantastic end for an airframe past its prime! While several of the mods appear non-standard it's wonderful to know it'll be giving several generations a lot of fun, and hopefully inspire them to get into aviation. Very cool :-)