02 August 2017

July pics

Not many photos for July...

Piper PA31 Navajo ZK-LWN was at Tauranga on 3 July 2017
One of the newer Pacific Aerospace 750XLs, ZK-KEB at Hamilton on 23 July 2017
A couple of photos at Hamilton on, ATR 72-600 ZK-MVM at Hamilton on 23 July 2017...
...and while I was waiting my flight home, at Wellington on 26 July 2017.
Back at Hamilton, ATR 72-600 ZK-MVA was awaiting its passengers
Back over at Tauranga on 28 July 2017, Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEA was backtracking for departure.
On the same day I caught a couple of new gyrocopters for me... Magni Gyro M24C ZK-PLW 
...and Solo Wings'  AutoGyro MTOsport ZK-SWR
 And finally, my first photo of a Raytheon T-6 C-Texan II - NZ1407 at Tauranga on on 28 July 2017

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