30 June 2018

Half a year gone and not a lot new to show for it

I don't know about you, but this year is flying...

On the 1st of January I made my predictions of what 2018 might bring to the NZ domestic scene... https://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2018/01/crystal-ball-gazing-for-2018.html

However, this year has been a year of little activity on the domestic scene and where there has been activity it has brought curve balls...

Air New Zealand
I didn't pick PPQ being cut... but then I don't think it was on Air NZ's radar either. Given the political fall out I can't see more changes ahead.

Jetstar seem very quiet.

Air Chathams
I picked Air Chats as a rising star and in particular looking for Saab work. So we wait to see what happens on Paraparaumu and Norfolk Island... both looking likely to be airborne by year end. 

Sounds Air
The silence indicates no decision was made to purchase Beech 1900s. 

Barrier Air 
The second Caravan did arrive. Earlier this week an announcement for Barrier Air was promised on their Facebook site but nothing online yet. 

Fly My Sky
Nothing new.

Very quiet.

Flight Hauraki
Now called Air Auckland. I'm not sure if they are still operating Ardmore-Waiheke-Great Barrier. 

They did get airborne again. Scheduled services are minimal.

Air Napier
Nothing new.

Air Gisborne
They operate regular air ambulance and medical staff/patient flights between Gisborne and Hamilton. A pity it's not possible to book on the staff/patient flights.

Their Chieftain has been written off - the Caravan hasn't flown this year - their flights were being operated by Originair. Seems to be flights only on Fridays and Sundays now. 

Nothing new.

Golden Bay Air
Nothing new.

Stewart Island Flights
Nothing new.


  1. As of late the jetstream just parks up at PPQ and does the odd conair flight, have not seen the last time it did an air2there triangle. Could see them pulling the plug soon and sounds maybe upping their game on the services into PPQ? Time will tell

    1. Saw the J32 operating through nelson several times during the week.

    2. Mainly doing Originair's flights to NPL and PMR

  2. I think it's fair to say that Air2there is basically an extinct functioning airline in NZs aviation scene like an animal extinct in the wild only found in a zoo.
    Like I said earlier... Sounds air... it's fair to say after the big potential news of investing in B1900s and the price restructure (cheaper flights earlier out) that correspond with a potential new aircraft... I think its fair to say that they will always be a boutique airline that will link up centers Greymouth Omaru (only true new routes they would do upwards....) Unless they invest in some bigger aircraft.. I think It's fair to say that they lost out to Air Chats in the battle of the Air nz scraps when they entered into the nz aviation scene (advantage of multi engine raiting metro/convair aircraft)
    Westport will never be more than a PC12 anything bigger for Nelson Blenheim Wellington route would be seen as competing with Air nz. Taupo and Chch would be the only potential routes for growth. There is potential for masterton but unless there is a link to one of sounds air hubs, with no base in Auckland. It will be expensive and isolating.
    Anything air nz will cut I think air chats will now be in the forerunner to take over with a base in Wellington Chch and Auckland....
    Be interesting if Hamilton Auckland is filled or if Kaitaia Auckland is fully filled it could be a good little tag along for Sounds if they did a Masterton Auckland flight. But how does a PC12/B1900 compete with Barrier air Caravan???

    1. I think calling Sounds Air a 'boutique' airline is really selling them short. Sure Air Chats have bigger aircraft, but they really are New Zealand's equivalent to Buffalo Air, is their model sustainable?

  3. Botique in my context is definitely not selling them short but selling them. They effectively are in a sense, a small company flying small aircraft, not sure if it's still a family run airline like air Chathams is... and offering a very professional boutique personal like service.. But just my way of making a point that they havnt really exploded like Air Chats has... Auckland had more of the way of "big numbers" routes that were dropped and Air Chats had the advantage of a twin aircraft and a Auckland base... Sounds air had Westport. Taupo and Chch.. Both of which still have the competition of Air NZ and decent priced flights via Wellington/Auckland on a "bigger"aircraft to attract the everyday flyers who don't know much about how safe a single engine aircraft suxh as a PC12 can be...
    Is there a future 'bigger aircraft/B1900'wise that sounds air can grow into? Or are they stunted in the way of what services they have on offer and the population at those centers...
    There are rumors of Timaru but with the redevelopment of the terminal and with a visit from the man himself Luxton..
    There could be a possible Gisborne route if Air NZ decide to focus on Auckland.. Omaru always there. Retry Wangas and have a possible alignment/coshare with Air Chats via Auckland

    1. Air NZ will not do a co-share with Air Chathams, as it is a complicated process for Air NZ. Air Chathams has a good relationship with Air NZ hence they have loaned their ground handling at PPQ for Air Chathams to use plus Air NZ has chipped with $50K to get the AKL/PPQ/AKL services going.

  4. As I suspected, it is going to be business as usual by all carriers except Air Chathams. Nobody expected Air NZ to dump PPQ from their regional network.

    1. Maybe air2there an exception...? Dosnt look good for them.
      Then again from the owners point of view... "It was a fun business well it, fun hobby i had, good times but I really can't be arsed/don't have the drive to run and grow it like Sounds air ...."