15 June 2019

Guess what?

Originair has delayed their start up yet again...  The airline's reservation system shows the resumption of flights has been delayed once again until the 31st of July 2019. 


  1. Maybe its just something minor like no-one wants to fly with them, too uncertain....?

  2. Because their planes are full of holes..... I have seen those logbooks first hand and they are a disgrace. The Jetstreams were grounded by the CAA long before Richard and Air2there went bust. Cut corners with maintenance, putting parts off one aircraft onto another without correct paperwork, and a haphazard attitude towards safety are all part of why this disaster of a company is still on the ground. If I were a passenger I would avoid this place at all costs.
    Im pretty certain they don't even have a full crew to operate the machines. Last offer I received to be crew on JSH was $37k, Barely a living wage. In this market you need to do better than that! Pay peanuts, get monkeys....
    Mr Baldwin and Mr Inglis drove this place into the ground before it even got in the air. They should leave it to the people who actually know what they are doing. Operating Jetstreams on short sectors... Might as well piss money into a hole in the ground. Won't be long until this place is just another failed attempt at an airline.

    1. ^ sour grapes much?? I think you'll find all maintenance was outsourced and controlled by others.

    2. Origin only flew a couple of days during the week. 37k is not horrid for what was a effectively a part time job.

  3. Hello Richard

  4. Why am I not surprised?
    Does not appear to be any flights this year in the Originair reservation system. I wonder if anybody else would pick up their routes. Was thinking a caravan might be a better fit