26 July 2020

Westport Freight Flights

Announced by Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau on Friday was a $3 million IRG investment in Apollo Aviation - Hawk Eye Limited and Apollo Autonomy - to further develop software that will enable unmanned airfreight operations, with an operation run out of Nelson and initial piloted flights between Nelson, Westport and Christchurch. The Apollo Aviation project will create up to 10 jobs in the short term, and between 25-40 permanent jobs as the project develops.

The New Zealand company appears to be owned John Chisholm who set up Texel Air in Bahrain which is now a 3 aircraft 737 combi freighter/passenger operation... 

There would not a lot of demand for freight flights to Westport but one can see the Nelson-Westport-Christchurch freight services being a pilot for Middle East freight operations.

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