16 November 2020

Sunair Update


Registered to Sunair this month was Cessna 172M ZK-DXO (c/n 17265417). Sunair currently are operating Cessna 172s ZK-CBZ and ZK-DPN.

Sunair have also published their summer timetable...

The new timetable, effective 16 November 2020

The previous timetable, effective 20 April 2020

Sadly I can't see myself using Sunair to Gisborne any time soon.


  1. $495!!!! Outrageous! I'll go through AKL or WLG no sweat

  2. The drive to Auckland each way would be a pain... but $990 return for a day trip to Gisborne is unlikely to gather punters... I guess they want to secure a booking and then they can offer cheap fares to try and get a few more bums on seats. I know it is a very lean route but I would have thought consistency of service and reasonable prices would help. As NZTA lower speed limits around the country demand for inter-regional flying might increase but the airlines need to get the formula right

    1. You are not wrong there Steve. The lower speed limits are a pain. SH1 around Lake Taupo is now torturous. Inter regional flying could well see a uprising. Especially to places flung out like GIS and NPL for example. But yeah $900 is just too steep. I know the DHBs have been big users of the inter regional services like this, but even they must balk at that sort of pricing.

      Then again Sunair have been doing this a long time now, The Powers are not silly, they will adapt to what comes and goes and make changes accordingly. Certainly judging by the Daily Deals of late, they have certainly been doing some flying!

  3. The prices has gone up $200 wow in just a few months.
    The one hour flight Hamilton to Gisborne is the same duration Hamilton to Claris but that flight is $220 less than half the $495. Perhaps the landing fees have gone up in GIS.