04 December 2020

Great News from Originair

Great news from Originair on their Facebook page...

Stage one of our new schedule beginning mid February is available for purchase now.  We will be adding a further Jetstream 32 to our fleet which will enable us to increase this schedule. This will include double daily flights between Nelson and Palmerston North as well as Hamilton and Palmerston North. Check out our new direct flight Hamilton to Nelson on a Friday evening for you to enjoy a weekend in our sunny region before returning on the direct flight Nelson to Hamilton on a Sunday afternoon.

In each of the timetables below there is the current timetable, the interim timetable from 14 February 2021 and the timetable from 28 March 2021

Prior to this coming out I had sat down and worked out my own schedule...  Rationale... 

  • Business traffic is where the passengers are... so the first flights need to be out early... I think the 8.00am out of Hamilton and 9.10am out of Nelson are too late in my opinion. Meetings start at 9.00am!
  • Hamilton fog is an issue. Most mornings, by 9.50am it is clear.
  • If they wanted to do more a midday HLZ-NSN return might work and a NSN-TRG return. Kiwi Regional was getting at least half full flights. 

If I was Originair this is what I would do...

However, a big improvement. Well done Originair

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  1. Wonder if they will ever go back to NPL & NPE 🤔🤔. Exciting that yet another one will be added to the fleet