27 February 2021

T20 - Twenty Minutes in Tauranga

Classic Aircraft WACO YMF ZK-CFL arriving at Tauranga on 25 February 2021... a new one for me

The Matamata Aero Club's Zenith Zodiac CH 601-XL popped in and out... another new one for me

AutoGyro MTOsport ZK-FTB was also another one for me

Roaring off on another domestic, Air New Zealand's ATR 72 ZK-MZE

And the final new one for me, NZAI CT/4 Airtrainer ZK-PTH

1 comment:

  1. I was half expecting you to be at the air show in the Waiarapa.
    ZK-CFL was a star at the airshow but the B52 was the crowd silencer