22 March 2021

Another BN Islander


Thanks to Lawrence Ackett who has added to my list of BN Islanders that have operated on regular services in New Zealand.

Lawrence wrote, 

I have, in my logbook photo, album ZK-KHB and know I would have flown in that either to/from AKL-GBI with GBA. Unfortunately way back then I didn't record dates times etc so don't recall the actual time but do recall logging it as another Islander I had flown in. It would have been part of my travels working for Post office- Telecom possibly late 80s early 90s. Do you have any data if GBA leased this machine. I don't see it in the latest listing. My photo shows it in ex Cook Islands Air??? colours with Parakai written on it and photo taken at Parakai.

I was able to reply thar on 29/04/1993, after its service with Cook Island Air, ZK-KHB was registered to Air Ventures Ltd, Helensville, Auckland. On 15/11/1993 its NZ registration was cancelled.

On the West Auckland Airport sight it looks as if KHB was used for skydiving!

This enabled Lawrence to find look in his records in a more focussed way... He wrote, I have since found I have a record of the flight. 27 July 1993 Claris to Mangere via Okiwi on a Great Barrier Airlines ticket. Was a same day return trip for work and flew over in the morning in ZK-CUV.

Attached a photo of the photo at Parakai. It may have been a last minute call by GBA if an aircraft went u/s or on maintenance perhaps.

Anyway guess that adds to the Islander kaleidoscope of airliners?

It sure does! Thanks Lawrence

I wonder if there are any ex Great Barrier Airlines staff that might have some more information as to how much it was used.

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