20 November 2021

Where on earth is Whataroa?


A big resource for me doing my airline histories is Papers Past which is so easy to search... it sure beats microfilm and libraries or going through old newspapers. The Press is now on line up to 1961 and so I am having a look at some of my earlier posts and updating them.

NAC's air service to Whataroa is one that has always fascinated me. I imagine a lot of people have never even heard of it. What's it famous for now is the White Heron tours but in the 1950s when NAC served it it was a farming community north of Franz Josef.

I never saw an aircraft on the Whataroa airstrip as a child and I've never found a photo of an aircraft on the airstrip. Nonetheless with a comment some time ago and now the Press being on line I found a little more that gives a bit more of the social fabric of NAC's South Westland air service...


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