14 September 2022

A sad schedule

Originair have announced that from the 3rd of October Originair is adding an early morning Monday only flight out of Nelson to Palmerston North and on to Hamilton. The flight leaves Nelson at 7.00am to arrive at Hamilton at 9.00am.

Sadly the Hamilton-Palmerston North service is only a shadow of its former self. Originair currently operate three Jetstream flights each week compared to the previous Air New Zealand service of 2 Q300 flights each weekday. Originair's northbound flights operate from Palmerston North to Hamilton on Mondays departing at 8.10am, Wednedasys at 10.20am and Fridays at 2.30pm. Southbound flights operate from Hamilton to Palmerston North on Mondays departing at 9.30am, Wednesdays at 12.20pm and Fridays at 4.20pm.  The service precludes same day return business traffic.

I often flew the previous Air New Zealand service which carried on to Wellington and there were normally 30 to 40 people disembarking at Palmerston North. This is one regional service that is crying out to be filled at convenient times for the business traffic that is there though it will take time to rebuild after the current hiatus.

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  1. There schedule is so random it will hardly suit anyone. Your right you can't plan anything around it to fit with any type of business