28 May 2023

The beauty of flying Air Rarotonga


After the awful summer Auckland has had and so much of the year that has followed thoughts to turn nice warm weather... A big thanks to Yolande Hunt for her pics of flying from Rarotonga to Aitutaki last month on Air Rarotonga. It looks so stunning, I think I need to do it again!

Air Rarotonga's Saab 340B E5-SMW at Rarotonga in April 2023

The stunning departure from Rarotonga

On descent into Aitutaki


  1. Ewan has done such an awesome job developing Air Rarotonga into what it is today - plus he is a real decent human as well. So keen to get back up there and get on one of the Bandits! It's been such a long time!

  2. Very true of Ewan... but a number of airline owners/CEO who have real passions for aviation and the communities they serve

    1. Totally agree Steve. Especially with the likes of Craig and Marion Emeny at Air Chats... Our Aviation Scene is full of amazing, dedicated and passionate people.