17 January 2024

Chatham Islands Postcard

A HUGE thanks to Ray Deerness for these photos from the Chatham Islands on his recent trip...
I'd love to get out there again sometime. 

Air Chathams' last Fairchild Metroliner, ZK-CID, at Chatham Island on 12 January 2024 between freight flights to New Zealand

Air Chathams' first ATR 72-500 ZK-MCO at Chatham Island on 9 January 2024 between flights to New Zealand

Air Chathams' Cessna 206 ZK-KMH at Chatham Island on 9 January 2024. As can be seen the terminal expansion has not started and in the photos above the high security fences can be seen.

ZK-KMH at Pitt Island on 9 January 2024...

with pilot Alex Povey


  1. Was there any sign of ZK-KAI there at all? Know it was damaged in a non flying accident.

    1. Pretty sure KAI is in the back of the Hanger - was when I saw it last. Still on the CAA Register.

      Definitely prefer KMH however. Just seems so much smoother than KAI.

  2. Childhood memories KMH Phil Kean Invercargill Stewart Island Fiordland - Southland Air Services ------ Jordan Kean