06 July 2024

You just can't watch them

Having flown into Vancouver from Auckland at 2pm on the 3rd of July, having checked into my overnight accommodation I not only went plane spotting at the Harbour Air seaplane base, I also had to try them. 

There were seats available to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island so it was off for the 20 minute flight...
Here is flight H3 679 to Nanaimo... I was sitting in the back row due to being busy photographing a Beaver taxi by but it turned out to be a great spot

13 pax on the Otter

Harbour Air's base at Vancouver Airport, Seair further down the Fraser River... Harbour Air have a Beaver and three Turbo Otters moored

Taking off from the Fraser River with Vancouver Airport out on the right

Harbour Air operates VFR, 500 feet to Vancouver Island, 300 feet back 

Looking back to Vancouver

Bowen Island and the Strait of Georgia

Bowen Island again

Entrance Island Lighthouse

Turning base for Nanaimo

Protection Island

Surprisingly not interested in the Turbo Otter... crabbing - meanwhile seals are watching for the crabs too

The ground crew waiting to moor us

Harbour Air's Turbo Otter C-FRNO about to board for downtown Vancouver

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