16 June 2011

DC-3 back on Main Trunk New Zealand Service

A veteran of the skies has come to the rescue of passengers who have been stranded in Christchurch and Wellington by the volcanic ash. A historic Southern DC3 plane flew 29 people to Wellington at 12.30pm. Chief flight attendant, purser Geoff Cambridge said the plane, which took its first flight in 1944, was still able to fly because it flew below 10,000 feet (3048 metres) and had a conventional propeller engine, rather than a jet engine like a commercial aircraft. "It's the normal flight pattern for us." The plane is based at the Ashburton Aviation Museum and is used for sight-seeing, charters and charity work. "It's a museum piece. It's wonderful she's still flying," he said. The one-way flight costs $380 per person. Passengers can book a flight by calling 021 724 769 or visiting Gate 50 at Christchurch Airport.  

I for one would have been s starter for $ 180! What a ride!

For the rest of the article and an accompaying picture of the DC-3 over Wigram see http://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/5149776/Air-New-Zealand-to-resume-flights

Southern DC-3 Trust's DC-3 ZK-AMY at Dunedin on 7 February 2010. Photo : S Lowe

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