28 August 2011

Fijian Flyers, 1987 - Part 1

I am in the process of scanning all my negatives into the computer... These are the photos of my first trip to Fiji in 1987.

Air Fiji's Cessna 172 DQ-FDI, taken at Nausori, Suva's airport on 12 February 1987. Photo : S Lowe
Air Pacific's DHC Twin Otter, DQ-FDK, taken at Nausori on 12 February 1987. This aircraft saw service with Great Barrier Airlines as ZK-FQK. Photo : S Lowe
A desperation shot of Air Fiji's Riley Heron, DQ-FEE. This was the first time I had seen a Heron that wasn't derelict.  Taken at Nausori on 12 February 1987Photo : S Lowe
My ride across to Plantation Island's Malololailai Island airfield was Sunflower Airline's BN Islander DQ-FCA. This was also my first flight in an Islander. Taken at Malololailai on 13 February 1997 by S Lowe.
Out at Turtle Airway's base at Nadi was Cessna 206 DQ-FCZ. Malololailai. Taken at Nadi on 13 February 1997 by S Lowe.
Why couldn't it park facing the terminal??? My first sighting of an ATR 42, Air Pacific's DQ-FEJ at Nadi on 13 February 1997 by S Lowe.
Another of Sunflower Airline's Islanders, DQ-FDW, Taken at Malololailai on 14 February 1997 by S Lowe

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  1. I used to fly on those Riley Herons from Nausori to Funafuti (Tuvalu) in the 1980s. Hair-raising.