25 August 2011

Mystery Planes...

In the process of sorting my photos I have a couple of mystery photos that I have some questions about...

Taken at Masterton in January 2011... What aircraft type is this??? Is it NZ registered???

Taken at North Shore in November 1986 what is the registration of this Avenger???
Any help would be much appreciated... Cheers, Steve westland831@gmail.com

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  1. Top one is one of the replicas used in the King Kiong movie.

    Avenger at Dairy Flat would be NZ2527, WFU Ohakea Jun59, Sold to Bennett Aviation 23Sep59. To ZK-CBO, playground, Kuirau Park, Rotorua, Oct. 1964-1969 then eventually MoTAT; on loan to CAF at Dairy Flat, returned to MoTAT