16 September 2011

Air New Zealand's Harvard and a Safe Air Bristol Freighter hulk

I am looking for registrations for these two aircraft... can you help?

This Harvard was taken at Christchurch on 29 September 1985.,, What was its RNZAF registration? Photo : S Lowe

Taken at Woodbourne on 7 February 1987... What was the rego of this Bristol Freighter. Photo : S Lowe


  1. The Harvard looks like NZ1041, which was at the Air New Zealand TTS Mangere for some years in those colours.
    Now with J Saunders, Blenheim.

  2. harvard nz 1044 was in nac colours any way the freighter i think was crk

  3. I'd hazard a guess and say that the Freighter hulk is ZK-CAM. The rear fuselage from CAM went to ZK-CLT after a mishap during undercarriage retracting testing with Argosy ZK-SAE resulted in the Argosy's wing dropping on CLT's portside tailplane. That incident happened some six years before this photo was taken

  4. Thanks... I think you are right