01 September 2011

We can rebuild it...

One wonders just exactly what's on the Great Barrier Airline's rebuild list... Out at North Shore on the 1st of September 2011 was Piper Pa32 Cherokee Six ZK-ENZ which is still available for use, BN Trislander ZK-LOU supposedly up for a rebuild, Cessna 172 ZK-DOL in for maintenance, long term rebuild project BN Islander ZK-KTR (though it has never been registered) and the new arrival BN Trislander ZK-LGR which was been hidden away for some years. Now a trio of Trislanders a red, white and blue one... that would make a great photo! Photo : S Lowe

Meanwhile, down the road, it looks as if the remains of ZK-WNZ are destined for the scrapheap. Photos taken at North Shore on 1 Septmeber 2011 by S Lowe

Needing a fly rather than a rebuild was Bell Jetranger ZK-HGD at North Shore on 1 September 2011. Photo : S Lowe

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