27 July 2012

More Ansett NZ Memories - Dash 8s

Keeping with it being 25 years since the launch of Ansett NZ here is a glimpse at some of the Dash 8 fleet...

DHC Dash 8 ZK-NEZ with Ansett New Zealand titles but still with the Ansett Newmans logo. Photo taken at Queenstown on 24 October 1987 by S Lowe. I can't see getting access for a photo like this now!

In the oroignal New Zealand star colour scheme are ZK-NEZ (above) at Glentanner on 17 April 1988 and ZK-NEY (below), again at Glentanner, on 19 September 1987. Photos : S Lowe

The Australian star scheme - Above ZK-NES at Christchurch on 3 June 1996 and below - showing abit of Waikato colours, ZK-NEZ at Christchurch on 30 May 1996. Photos : S Lowe - GO CHIEFS


  1. Enjoying these posts. Is there another with some cracking 146 shots in the pipeline?

  2. ooo yeah. some 146 pics would be cool. I always liked the original flying stars livery.