29 October 2012

Widgeon to Waddle Again?

Wayne Grant captured these pics of an unidentified Grumman Widgeon. Wayne’s research seems to indicate it is ZK-CHG rather than ZK-AVM which is also currently under rebuild

There are pics of CHG in service in the following posts. I am certainly looking forward to seeing a Widgeon airborne again – and wouldn’t it be great to see one operating again from Mechanics Bay!

Tourist Air Travel

Mount Cook Airlines

Sea Bee Air


  1. it looks like the skies over our great little country are about to get exciting.I love old metal and to see it getting reborn is exciting. If they could get the Bristol Frieghter and a argosy back in the sky, it would be like living again in the 60's. Bring it on
    Great article by the way. :)

  2. About to get exciting? I think they already are!The Southern Hemisphere's only full scale FW190, the World's only MkI Anson, The world's only Mosquito, and then there's The Vintage Aviator! But yes, it'll be great to see a couple of Widgeons in NZ skies!