22 November 2012

Dargaville - Index of Posts

Dargaville holds a unique place in New Zealand history – the town that received the first air mail by aeroplane. Throughout the years Dargaville’s civic leaders have been keen for the town to have a regular air service. Largely, however, the town’s ambitions have not been met. There were, however, some who tried. This series of posts is aimed at reflecting some of their history. Recording the history of operators through Dargaville is a long term project and I am still in the process of gathering material. I would be most grateful for any information, photos, stories you might have about air services through Dargaville and, after they are posted, corrections and omissions to me at westland831@gmail.com - Thanks, Steve

1919-1920 - George Bolt's Air Mail Flights


 1960 - Still to be written - Have you any information, stories or photos that might help? 
 Late 1960s - Still to be written - Have you any information, stories or photos that might help?



Late 1980s and 1990s
The Dargaville stopover is mentioned in Parts 1 and 2

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