21 July 2013

A couple of exciting pics from Nelson

Today would have been a good day to be at Nelson plane spotting...

Warwick Young caught Vincent Aviation's Saab 340B VH-VNU visiting Nelson on 27 July 2013.
Meanwhile, Cessna185 caught Sounds Air's newest Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-SAY. This was previously operated by Salt Air and Air Fiordland as ZK-MJL


  1. Random question, how long would it take for a saab to make it across the tasman?

  2. It departed Wellington for the Gold Coast via Norfolk Island but previously Saabs have, when wind conditions allow, flown direct Auckland to Brisbane in just over 6 hours. That's without auxiliary fuel installed.
    Nothing to do with the Tasman but I recall some ex Air Nelson examples flying from Auckland to Christmas Island direct with big rubber fuel bladders installed, then they flew to a spot in northern Mexico, then to Nova Scotia before crossing the Atlantic to Sweden!! Most flights in excess of 14 hours each!

  3. Man being on one of those flights would be amazing. Awesome aircraft. Would be a good workout for the aircraft. Any word of late about the 146 from vincent? will it be arriving back in NZ any time soon?