27 October 2014

3rd Level Wanganui and other pics!

Wanganui's two airline operators... Eagle Air's Beech 1900 ZK-EAE and Sounds Air's Cessna 208 Grand Caravan ZK-SAY at Wanganui having both just arrived from Auckland and Wellington respectively on  23 October 2014
Sounds Air's Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-SAY departing Wanganui on 22 October 2014

A couple of Cessna 172s... ZK-CEY and ZK-JQA at Wanganui on 22 October 2014

Also captured at Wanganui on 22 October was the Wellington Aero Club's Piper Archer ZK-MBG
And training through Wanganui... the Nelson Aviation College's Cessna 172 ZK-NAD gets airborne on 22 October while Massey University's Diamond DA40 ZK-MTJ does a touch and go on 23 October 2014.


  1. Hey mate great pics, looks like ZK-EAE though :) I believe EAA has been removed from line at this stage

  2. Fixed... thanks for that - typing and talking at the same time is not a good mix

  3. I hear you there mate :) Great blog, avid reader