30 October 2014

Capital Captures

Arriving home to its Wellington base on 26 October 2014 was Cessna 650 Citation III N163JM
About the same time Sounds Air's Caravan ZK-PDM was taking off .
The next day I caught three of Eagle Air's Beech 1900s... ZK-EAE
and ZK-EAQ
Mount Cook Airlines' ATR 72-500s ZK-MCA about to depart
and ZK-MCX about to land... Photos taken at Wellington on 27 October 2014
Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEQ remains the only Q300 in this scheme. Photo taken at Wellington on 27 October 2014
Air New Zealand Airbus 320s ZK-OXA (above) and ZK-OXF (below) at Wellington on 27 October 2014

A new one for me was Virgin Australia's Boeing 737-800 ZK-PBK on arrival.
Sounds Air's Cessna Caravan ZK-SAN was arriving just as I arrived
And what I was chasing, Golden Bay Air's Piper Seneca ZK-ZAG... I was hoping the hill would be high enough to get all the Golden Bay Air titles looking down from side on but not quite. Photos taken at Wellington on 27 October 2014


  1. Hey, great blog.. Really enjoyed seeing this.. I just moved to NZ for jetconnect, so i find it interesting, and often have to fly into wellington