01 May 2015

Another Appointment for Kiwi Regional

New Zealand's newest airline Kiwi Regional Airlines is moving ahead making key appointments. It has appointed Bill Wilson as its airline operations manager and is about to advertise for its flight crew.  It will also have its first pre-certification meeting with CAA on May 27. Wilson, of Wellington, joins chief executive Ewan Wilson (no relation), and Peter Ashford  the quality assurance and safety management systems manager, in the executive. He will start on May 26. Wilson has extensive airline experience in New Zealand, including time flying the SAAB 340 aircraft with Air Nelson that Kiwi Regional will be purchasing, as well as flying Boeings for Freedom Air and seven years with the NZ Civil Aviation Authority as an airline inspector, and rules project specialist. His most recent position has been with the Airways Corporation of New Zealand as aeronautical information technical editor and navigation procedure designer, a position he has resigned from to take up the job with Kiwi Regional. Ewan Wilson said: "I am really delighted to have Bill join the team. He has some very valuable experience in all the areas we need, and we can approach our certification and establishment processes with a high degree of confidence, having him on board. "It is not often you find somebody with both the management and flight experience that Bill has." Ewan Wilson said Kiwi Rgional was also about to start advertising for its flight crew and was initially looking at employing nine captains and first officers. "We ae keen to attract some expat Kiwis in Australia who have considerable flying time in the Saab.  Ideally they need considerable Saab experience because of our operations, particularly Queenstown; we are looking for a lot of New Zealand and Saab experience. "We are aware some of those pilots have found their way across to Australia and we are hoping to attract them back." He expected that about two or three weeks after its pre-certification meeting with CAA, Kiwi Regional would submit its exposition.  "It's the entire suite of manuals we would operate this airline under safely and professionally, from how we train pilots to how we operate aircraft and security. Then CAA will take as long as it requires, it could be three or four months."

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  1. That saab they are standing in front of is the air ratotonga saab