07 May 2015

Eagle Air Beech 1900D ZK-EAO slips quietly out of service

As Eagle Air downsizes its network the active Beech 1900D fleet is methodically being withdrawn from service with both ZK-EAK and ZK-EAM parked up and now joined by ZK-EAO

Wearing the serial number UE-438, ZK-EAO was delivered to Eagle Air as N4470D arriving at Hamilton from Pago Pago on 16 October 2002. It entered service 27 October as NZ2218 from Hamilton to Auckland and 14.5 years later it exited service as NZ2217 from Auckland to Hamilton on 19 April 2015.

ZK-EAO at Wanaka 06 January 2006


  1. 5 Beech craft gone, 11 left

  2. Wouldn't that make 13 left if 5 have gone?

  3. Yeah second comment is correct, 13 left with EAA, EAK, EAL, EAM and EAO now retired.