26 January 2016

Bye Bye NAN

Photographed at Woodbourne on 23 January 2016 was Fokker Friendship ZK-NAN  that was noted being moved from it's usual spot down on the military ramp to up by Rescue Fire Section.

Has anyone got any more info?

Photos Supplied

Happier days... Above, Fokker Friendship ZK-NAN while with Air New Zealand at Oamaru on 20 March 1989 and below at Oamaru again with NZ Post on 1 October 1995.


  1. I know the aircraft is hugely incomplete, yet it would still be sad to see it go. Hopefully it still has some future ahead of it

  2. Did you notice the subjects in the background of photo number 2? Airwork F27 and alliance F50! The