10 February 2016

Beech 1900 Farewell from Taupo

Thanks to Fraser who recorded the last Eagle Air Beech 1990 service to Taupo on Monday 8 February 2016. ZK-EAB operated flight NZ2981 Auckland to Taupo and flight NZ2978 from Taupo back to Auckland. Air Nelson now operate the Air New Zealand services between Auckland and Taupo with Bombardier Q300s.


  1. Air NZ had purchased these from Beech as the last of type. Just wondering how expensive they are to operate? Seems no other 3rd level player wants to operate them. Metros and J31/32s soldier on around the traps. Apparently although they have great short field performance, can be difficult to handle?

    1. No they are very nice to fly. And yes better short field performance than a Jetstream.

    2. The B1900 is a very expensive machine to operate. But it is a great hot and high machine, much better than the competition however that performance comes at a cost.

      The PT6 consumes between 15% to 20% more fuel than a Garrett for similar performance though this can vary greatly between different spec aircraft/airframe/operation. Cost of parts from Beech is horrendous.

      The Beech is a GA aircraft asked to do an airliners job.

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