26 February 2016

Kiwi Regional backup

A number of people have posted comments on this blog about Kiwi Regional just having one aircraft and wondering about what backup the company has...

The answer is seen on Flightaware today with an Air Chathams Convair operating the southbound service from Hamilton...

The Saab hasn't operated at all today so it will be interesting to see what the Convair does after HLZ-NSN-DUD


  1. Kiwi Regional has said from the outset that it had some back-up; but not (as far as I have seen) what it is. I understand their discussions with Air Chathams (including for maintenance) go back some time.

    Meanwhile they have managed to replace 2Cheap Cars Ltd as a shareholder. On 18 February they registered Andrew and Anne King of Hamilton as having acquired the 2Cheap cars shareholding. The Kings own Kings Finance Ltd, a Hamilton lender and car dealer,see www.kingsfinance.co.nz - though there are cheaper places to get a loan!

  2. Considering they did the Saab's maintenance recently(?) it ties in I guess.

    Also the Saab was parked up at DUD this morning (26th)

  3. 27/02/2016 CVLT Dunedin Int'l (DUD / NZDN) Nelson (NSN / NZNS) 08:06 NZDT 09:18 NZDT On The Way!
    26/02/2016 CVLT Nelson (NSN / NZNS) Dunedin Int'l (DUD / NZDN) 14:09 NZDT 15:29 NZDT 1:20
    26/02/2016 CVLT Hamilton Int'l (HLZ / NZHN) Nelson (NSN / NZNS) 12:20 NZDT 13:16 NZDT 0:56
    26/02/2016 CVLT Whakatane Aerodrome (WHK / NZWK) Hamilton Int'l (HLZ / NZHN) 11:01 NZDT 11:27 NZDT 0:26
    22/02/2016 CVLT Wanaka (WKA / NZWF) Hamilton Int'l (HLZ / NZHN) 19:45 NZDT 21:34 NZDT 1:49

    Currently operating the Convair DUD/NSN

  4. I've mentioned earlier that KRA have no issues in keeping flights in schedule. Air Chats would provide cover...so no need for panic...Oh and a great opportunity to ride a Convair!