07 April 2016

New Barrier Air Service to Whangarei

From the 1st of May Barrier Air will introduce weekday flights from Auckland to Whangarei;

Flight 801 will leave Auckland at 7.00am to arrive at Whangarei at 7.30am
Flight 809 will leave Whangarei at 5.30pm to arrive at Auckland at 6.00pm

Between these flights the aircraft will operate the doctors flight between Whangarei and Kaitaia. Passengers can book flights between Auckland and Kaitaia subject to seats being available.

The other Kaitaia flights operated will be;

Flight 612 leaving Kaitaia at 6.45am to arrive at Auckland at 7.45am, Monday to Friday and
Flight 620 leaving Kaitaia at 7.35pm to arrive at Auckland at 8.40pm on Fridays
Flight 619 leaving Auckland at 6.15pm to arrive at Kaitaia at 9.15pm, Sunday to Friday.

The Hamilton schedule has been reduced to fly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as follows

Flight 505 leaving Auckland at 10.30am to arrive at Hamilton at 11.00am.
Flight 506 leaving Hamilton at 12.00noon to arrive at Auckland at 12.30pm.

The Okiwi-Claris and  Auckland-North Shore flights are no longer offered.

The question I would have is how did Barrier Air advertise these services and how will the new Whangarei service be advertised?

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  2. Sadly the Hamilton uptake after Air NZs exit has proven near failure. Without KRA flying Mon-Thurs-Sat, simply uneconomical when there were only a couple of pax in the morning and no interconnection to the south. Apart from an initial push on ZB and the likes, even KRA hadn't really given them a plug. Both airlines needed to align on a singular booking service. It will be for KRA to grow if Barrier goes daily again...Good luck to them.

  3. Alec, I agree with your comment.

    KRA needs a second aircraft to make their network more flexible, so both KRA and Great Barrier can work together.

    Unfortunately KRA and Great Barrier are using totally different reservation systems, which are lease from their respective reservation developers, which are mainly American and/or Australian companies. These reservation systems are 'Cloud' based, designed for 2nd and 3rd air operators, so the developers are reluctant to pay for the expensive connection costs to allow their systems to 'talk' to other reservation systems.

    I don't think KRA and Great Barrier have the spare cash to pay for 'system to system' connection.

    1. Yeah, Ewan Wilson did say it would cost more than a second Saab to align KRA and BA to a singular booking connection...But to link another player in could be viable.
      In the end it could be KRA flying into AKL using BA's gate slot that could work. It was becoming rarer over the last month watching out for the Caravan to fly out over Hamilton in the morning and sometimes the Embraer stood in. KRA seems to be doing well, had a good Easter loading and being bailed up by Palmerston Nth to fill in Origin's hole. I hope KRA and BA do their best to make it work.

  4. Dairy Flat-Auck Intl was never going to work
    Earlier this week BA used the Partenavia on the Auck-Ham run.

  5. It is nice to see an early morning arrival into WRE. Air NZ don't arrive until 9:20am which is too late for morning meetings or business, especially with another 20 mins to travel into town from the airport. Great to have an alternative. I always see BA aircraft overnight at WRE and is good to see it will be utilised at each end of its day.

  6. 12.5 hour flight to AA-WRE?! ;) The P68 was used into HN again yesterday.

    1. Good spotting... you win the chocolate fish!

  7. I think the Pa31 must have been in maint. Saw RDT head to Hamilton today.