25 April 2016

The Beech is Back

Its funny how complacent we can get when it comes to our day to day observations and it was one of these occasions whilst visiting Auckland International a couple of days ago that a glance to the domestic ramp area saw a Beech 1900D parked up. Nothing strange about that - oh, but hold on - Eagle Airways withdrew from Auckland operations back in early February! And wait a minute - its All Black Beech ZK-EAG and this aircraft had been withdrawn from flying duties in March!

Some quick research was done and thanks to FlightRadar24 it was possible to track down ZK-EAG movements with it flying up from Hamilton to Auckland on 20 April, apparently for temporary storage but I'd have thought there would be ample space at Hamilton?

Looking through the schedules it seems Eagle Airways will be operating out of Auckland to Wanganui and back from 10 May for a few weeks in lieu of Air Nelson Q300's. 

So, the Beech is back...........

ZK-EAG getting wet at Auckland 24 April 2016. 


  1. Make the most of it...Q300 services will return after a group of ATRs are fed through a maintenance cycle. Does make you wonder though...this is town smack bang between two busy airports an hours drive either side. Still, grab a ride while you can.

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  3. Sadly the beech visit will only be temporary. Schedule services will finish on June 12. So it won't be back for long unfortunately

  4. Article from the Wanganui Chronicle: