19 July 2017

Dominion Newspaper flights

For almost 50 years the Dominion has been flown from Wellington to Nelson on an early morning more or less dedicated air service.

I'm trying to put together a little bit of a history to the service... These are the operators I have found that have flown it... I'm wondering if Rex Aviation or Rawson Aviation ever carried the Dominion???
You may pick up other errors...

1971                                    Capital Air Services

1978                                    James Air

Apr 1981                             Wellington Aero Club

Sep 1981                            Air Albatross

Dec 1985                            Skyferry

Oct 1988                             Fieldair Freight

Mid 1993                             Flightcorp

1999                                    Vincent Aviation

9 Jan 2006                          Sounds Air

As I put something together I would love to hear from pilots that have flown the early morning Dominion flight and maybe answer one or some of these questions

Operator you flew for?

Rough dates who flew the service?

What was your experience or stories of flying the papers?

Did you ever have passengers to or from Nelson?

Have you any pictures of the newspaper operation?

I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, Steve


  1. Back “in the day”, I flew on The Dominion service from Napier to Gisborne (operated by Cooksons) on a couple of occasions. I was working out of Gisborne (driving trains) and on both occasions, we were going to bust our hours because of adverse weather conditions delaying the train we ran to Napier. In the meantime, SH2 got closed by slips, so we were flown home to Gisborne on the newspaper plane.

  2. A history of the Cookson service can be found here... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2010/12/wairoas-cookson-airspread-part-1.html
    I regret never really trying to take the train between Gisborne and Napier