31 July 2017

OSH gone mad...

I like being safe and feeling but increasingly the OSH business (and I mean business) is getting farcical. On my last flight I was told, "I'm sorry sir, your camera is too big to hold on to... you are going to have to stow it."
Meanwhile, in happier days when I was allowed to hold and use my big camera these are some of the shots I took...
Looking to Baring Head
Baring Head lighthouse
Looking up Wellington Harbour
Looking back to the South Island in the distance
Wellington International

The Pauatahanui Arm of Porirua Harbour
Paraparaumu Airport
Paraparaumu and Waikanae
Kapiti Island

My apologies if my unsafe photography offended you


  1. I believe handheld items should weigh less than 1kg during take off and from cabin clearance for landing.

  2. I carry my cameras (and lenses) in a camera bag which I take into the cabin and stow beneath the seat in front. I wait until the cabin crew have walked the aisle checking everyone before takeoff, then I pull my camera bag out and excract the camera. Ditto before landing....I stash the camera beneath the seat in front while the crew walk the aisle, then pull it out as soon as they have strapped themselves into their dicky seats.

    1. haha like slowing down for the speedcamera right..