23 July 2018

A Glimpse of the Future

As posted earlier in the week Whakatane received its first Air Chathams' Saab 340 flights over the weekend with ZK-KRA operating Air Chathams' flight 3C 826 from Auckland to Whakatane on Saturday 21 July 2018. This is the first of what Air Chathams and the Whakatane District Council hope will be a regular sight on peak services to Whakatane. The Saab returned to Auckland on Sunday 22 July 2018 as flight 3C 833. 

Thanks to Mark Stout for allowing me to use his photos

The first Saab 340 flight into Whakatane on a scheduled service, ZK-KRA on 21 July 2018

Earlier the day Mark caught Air Chathams' Metro 23 ZK-POF departing Whakatane for Auckland


  1. Exciting times for Air Chats. Hope the metro still soldiers on a little longer yet.. Will pof get the the two tone green????

  2. Be good to use the spare metro on a Wellington to Whakatane or a Kapiti to Christchurch service.

  3. SAAB's are still one of the best looking small planes around.

  4. Love the Saab!!! Remember the Air link days, highlight seeing the Saab over the Banderatie.
    Would that Saab suit the Air Chats cheat line I get the feeling the KRA was just a quick hash job to get it into service for Air Chats. Looks good and simple but would the sweeping cheat line suit the Saab ?