09 July 2018

Airport Work at the Chathams

At present a significant amount of work is being undertaken the Chathams' Tuuta Airport.

Work includes

  • apron repairs to secure areas of fuel damaged seal. 
  • sealing of the driveway and hangar frontages to secure damaged seal and overcome loose seal chip problems. 
  • establishment of a sealed road for Air Chathams Fuel Tanker to stop the transfer of mud and stones onto the apron. 
  • geotechnical test pits and pavement strength tests to gather data for design of the proposed runway extension. 
  • detailed grid survey of the entire airport property and runway for the design of the proposed runway extension. 
  • siting of equipment pads for the new solar lighting system. The current solar powered runway lights with a new aerodrome lighting system, an Avlite Solar system and will include the establishment of approach lights for both ends.

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