10 August 2018

The mystery of a new type for air2there???

I'm not quite sure what is happening at air2there... The picture below is new to their website (I think) and I can't find any scheduled flights from PPQ over the next couple of months...

Their Chieftain ZK-MYS has been scrapped. I saw a photo of their Caravan ZK-MYH in bits at Fieldair in Palmerston North taken in November last year. And since then Originair Jetstreams have been operating air2there's flights... air2there are actually the operator that fly the Originair Jetstreams

So I am wondering what does all this mean???


  1. New type will just be the 32s on Air2there AOC.

    Origin had issues getting an AOC for whatever reason/s and were using airfreights AOC.

  2. The 32s have been operated for sometime by air2there...

  3. I would agree on saying it's the J32 too. They're still relatively new for air2there. They've only been operating for them since about February. ECI flew to PMR straight after the open day and as far as I can tell has been there since. Might be maintenance time for it and a long one hence no flights for them for next 2 months. Just my guess.

    But if they mean a completely new type, that'll be interesting and I look forward to seeing it at PPQ!

  4. Good after noon ,Steve. Just for the record the fuse of Navajo MYS is sitting in a house movers yard at Waikanae.No signage just reg .