29 September 2018


Thanks to JustPlaneMad who sent this email and pics through... He writes...

Thought you maybe interested in a couple of pics from onboard Air Wanganuis ZK-MDC, operating Originair flight OG6214 from New Plymouth to Nelson on 23 September 2018. Twice now for me, my flight has been operated by Air Wanganui. 

Origin appears to still be operating under Air2theres AOC. 'Operated by Air2there' printed on the boarding pass.

One of the Jetstreams was parked up at the gate at Nelson, the other I believe is parked up in PPQ. 

King Air was a joy to fly in for a plane buff like myself, but certainly the appeal is lost on Mr and Mrs Normal. 

There were several comments as to where the yellow plane was. Origin certainly have their Jetstreams looking very professional and inviting both inside and out. And a nice touch with the bottle of water and a few lollies :)

Unfortunately for me, with the introduction of the NPE flights, the NPL - NSN sector now departs far too late to be of any use to me :( Back to Air NZ for now :/ 

Cheers JPM

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